Transgender Module on LGBT Mental Health Syllabus

I’ve just come across this webpage which people may find helpful in understanding the diagnosis and elements of treatment of transgenderism and Gender Identity Disorder (GID).

This website was created by the LGBT Issues Committee of the
Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry (GAP)
to teach psychiatry residents about caring for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trangender, and intersex patients. They hope it will also be useful to all health and mental health trainees and practitioners. The site is hosted by the  Association of Gay & Lesbian Psychiatrists.

The site includes a series of modules that can be used sequentially to provide a comprehensive learning guide for working with LGBT clients. Each module has also been designed to be a stand-alone unit on a specific topic concerning LGBT clients. All modules include learning goals and objectives. Each module begins with a pre-test to help participants assess their existing knowledge about specific topics. After the main body of each module, a post-test helps assure that learning goals have been achieved. Modules also have relevant links, resource lists, and references to facilitate deeper exploration of topics.

There’s also a link on the page to Joan Roughgarden’s book ‘Evolution’s Rainbow – Diversity, Gender & Sexuality in People and Nature’ (see pic above)!!! Now there’s a hint for a winter solstice prezzi for my nearest and dearest lol …… yes I know, yet another book 😀 xxx


About Sam Feeney

I am a counsellor, trainer and LGBTQI community activist. I write about my journey through life as a someone who lives and breathes gender and sexual difference and who cares passionately about creating powerful and sustainable radical social and political change.
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