Roisteringly manly hugs for me and Mr G

Hare at Yorkshire Sculpture Park by Sophie Ryder

Until last weekend I hadn’t seen my very good old friend Mr G for about 15 years. We lost touch since then and our friendship is one of those that’s been rekindled through Facebook. We’ve been meaning to hook up again for over a year now….and finally last weekend we made it happen and I went up to Yorkshire to see him.

We met as 14 year old teenagers in O level Biology class back in 1981. Master G, as he was back then, had a clever way of challenging our Creationist Biology teacher and I pretty quickly joined in with him in learning all I could about Darwinian evolutionary theory and chipping in at every opportunity in class to wind up the teacher with yet another awkward question designed to put her on the spot about what we saw as patently absurd ideas. It was fun. We learnt alot. I think even our teacher respected our tenacity…. even though she was driven demented at times by our constant button-pushing.

Last weekend Mr G reminded me that we had gone out with each other for about two days in the fourth year. I had forgotten about this brief romantic foray – much to Mr G’s disappointment. I had also forgotten about the time where we had both tried to snog the same girl at a party a year or two later. Mercifully for his ego I did at least remember the one and only time we ever slept together – a one-night thing while we were at college before I had come out first time round as a lesbian. Like the ‘going out’ thing several years earlier, the sex thing didn’t change the obvious…Mr G and I worked best as good mates.

So, we had a hell of a lot of catching up to do after all the hugging, giggling and a much needed mug of tea after travelling! We quickly got on to how much change was going on for us in our own lives. Mr G is a good soul and is a man who is compassionate, empathic and helps others, while at the same time being a complete and utter wind-up merchant at times who relishes in throwing spectacularly non-PC depth charges into conversations to liven them up ….especially with people who rise to the bait. I wondered when he was going to mischievously say something about my new gender identity….he’d said he’d read this blog after all.

Well, Mr G had told me he’d seen my blog, but little did I know he hadn’t bloody read the thing! After seeing the title ‘Coming Out…’ he’d privately wondered why the hell I was writing about THAT now given I had come out as lesbian 22 years ago. Oops….

I was assuming he knew all about it so when I said about the gender reassignment therapy I was going to be embarking on it was quite amusing to see Mr G had to stifle his surprise with a rather splendid gurgled smile. I don’t think I’ve often stumped him before but we had a lovely shared moment of connection when he looked at me and said ‘ooh I can’t wait for all those manly hugs with you….and some roister-doister male-bonding’. A little while later, after more talking and listening to each other Mr G rang my girlfriend Rubi from my phone….’hello darling’ he said ‘I’ve already started on the testersterone’.

Nothing changes, after all these years. Mr G has always been pranking and I love him for the deeply funny way he shows his love and acceptance of me. I too, am looking forward to all those roisteringly manly hugs with my old mate Mr G in the future…and I’ll make sure I’ll get him back with a cunning prank or two as well 😉

The Hare in the pic is one of many different and wonderfully diverse sculptures at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Mr G took me there last weekend and I LOVED it and can’t wait to go back. Rubi’s looking forward to it too. I took a great pic of another hare there but I can’t get it off my phone onto the PC yet….so in the meantime I rather liked this one of a ‘Lady Hare’ who has a great pecs rather than breasts. A sort of  ‘geezer-bird’ hare, don’t you think Mr G??? Phnarrr lol


About Sam Feeney

I am a counsellor, trainer and LGBTQI community activist. I write about my journey through life as a someone who lives and breathes gender and sexual difference and who cares passionately about creating powerful and sustainable radical social and political change.
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One Response to Roisteringly manly hugs for me and Mr G

  1. tercoperro says:

    actually on second glance…the hare might have breasts after all 😦

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